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Christmas Camp / Team Update

By ASC, 12/20/19, 2:00PM EST


Here are 17 things you need to know!

Hi All,


With less than a week before Christmas Camp, we will be on snow in a blink of an eye.


This is likely the last update before camp, so please reach out to the appropriate co-ordinator if you have any questions.


1 Volunteering


We are a completely volunteer organization. Other than some of the young coaches, no one receives any money for organizing the club.  There are board members that sponsor the club, sit on the board, volunteer as a coach, and pay the full registration fee.  All volunteers pay the exact same registration fee as people that do not volunteer.  All of these volunteers do this to help all of the kids, and promote the sport.   As mentioned in our registration meeting we have implemented a system to increase involvement from more people so we can continue to operate.  We need you to look at the club website, and see what you can do.  A few tasks require skills, however the majority of them can be done by any parent new or returning.   We cannot do things like club races without parents picking up the slack.


Some of the things that we currently need help with are:


First Day Ambassadors – Greet members, hand out name tags, and get kids into the right groups.

Race Shack Clean Up – We have 2 new spaces this year, and they are dirty.  We need to get together, and clean the spaces up.

Club Race Volunteers – There are a number of simple positions that anyone can help out with.  We can’t run the race without help.


Please visit to see what tasks we need help with.


2 Name Tags


We have about 40% growth in the club this year, and about 50% of the club is new.  We have implemented name tag stickers which need to be applied to the kids helmets.  They contain the child’s name, and what group they belong to.   If you are not at the first day of camp, we will provide the name tag when you come to practice.  We think the name takes will improve organization & safety, and promote the social aspect of skiing.


3 Groups


All of the groups have been assigned.  These groups are fluid, and there will be some movement in the groups as time progresses.   With the size of the club we will now be able to have multiple groups of each age group.   So newer skiers will be able to move up with kids their own age, as they improve.  The coaches will be moving the kids within their age group, and we ask that you do not interfere.  We have put a lot of effort into trying to develop and improve the program, and we need to respect our Head Coach and his decisions..


4 Chalet Space


We now have use of the Vale Chalet, the old Race Shack, and a new Trailer that is close to the parking lot. The intention is to put the kids in Vale Chalet, the Coaches in the old Race Shack, and Masters will use the trailer.   There will be some growing pains as we sort this out, so please have some patience.


5 Pre-Camp Skiing


It is a good idea to try and get some miles on snow in prior to day 1 of Christmas Camp.  Adanac is open on Sunday, Elliot Lake on Monday, Searchmont is Open, And I believe both Mattawa, and Laurentian are open.  If you have time to get on snow it is encouraged, but not mandatory.


6 Season Pass Pick-Up


For Full members in the U6-U18 programs your Seasons Pass are now ready for pickup.  You will need to go into the rental shack, sign a waiver, and get a photo taken.   This pass will be good for the Tuesday’s and all regular Adanac Hours.  The pass was included in your registration fees, and there is no payment required at the city.  Please note, the Tuesday Pass for Master, and Lite Program Members are not quite ready, and we will let you know when you can pick them up.  We will be able to get them during Christmas Camp. The skill hill will be open until 8PM tonight, and 9-4 prior to Christmas for pass pick up. We highly recommend you get your pass ahead of Christmas Camp.


7 Start Times


You are expected to be outside on snow at 8:45 during Christmas Camp.  I will leave it to your discretion on what time to show up, but I would think some time around 8:15 is about right.  Day one will be a little crazy, so please have patience with us.


8 Staggered Breaks


Due to the size of the chalet we are going to be staggering break times, please respect the timing that coaches suggest.


9 Slipping Courses at the End of day


The ski hill is generous enough to let us close of a portion of the ski hill to train.  We need to respect their wishes and slip the course prior to the end of the day.  All kids are expected to help slip the course to make sure it is safe to turn over to the public when we finish.  We need to eliminate the ruts and piles of snow.


10 Hoodie Orders


We are ordering new Hoodies for 2020.  If you want one for your family please purchase it online at this link They are $50 each and will be arriving mid January.


11 RSVP’s


Please go into the Sportsengine App, and RSVP for Christmas Camp, and Club Race #1.  If you do not RSVP, you will not be on the start list for the race.  We are trying to confirm numbers, so please take the 2 minutes to RSVP.


12 Adding Parents / Guradians, controlling notifications from Sports Engine


You are able to add a spouse / parent / guardian to your child’s profile so multiple people are able to see news, schedules etc.  At the bottom of this page you will see a guide on how to add a contact, and control how you receive notifications – ie Email, Text, or App.


13 Chasing People


We need parents to read emails, use the app, and volunteer.  I can speak personally and say that I volunteer to try and improve things for my son, and to try and get other families into the sport.  I don’t volunteer to chase people because they are too busy to read the emails, and we need to send multiple messages, texts, phone calls to find out their response.   Moving forward we cannot spend our time chasing you.   There are a large number of parents that are very responsive, however there is also a substantial amount that we continually chase.   If you do not respond, or RSVP we will assume the answer is no.    As an alternative if there is a parent that is willing to spend 10-15 hours a week following up with our 120 members to find out if their child is coming, I will happily set you up with an account so you can do so.   Deadlines are firm, if you miss the deadline you will not  be rostered to races etc.    If anyone has any feedback about how to improve the system, or how to get a better response rate please let me know.  Kids registration is completely closed.  We are fully booked, and there is no way to accept any more children members for this year.  I am sorry, but time has run out.


14 Masters


There is no formal training for the Masters during Christmas Camp.  Feel free to come out, get on snow, and help out a bit.  I am sure there will be a few people out there, but for the first few days, kids are our #1 priority.  (Please note the reason the Masters was $221 less than the lite program was no Christmas Camp). Masters are expected to participate in the first club race if they are comfortable doing so.


15 Parents and Kids on the Hill


If you are going to ski while your kids are on the hill, we ask that you stay away from them.  If a young child needs help on the lift, please get them off and on, but please let the coaches do their jobs.   


16 Hotels


For those in the full U6-U12 program Jeremy has sent out the hotel list.  Please look at his email and book the hotels for the races you are going to.  You can also RSVP to the races you are planning to go to in the app when you have time.  If you are unsure, you do not have to RSVP to the out of town races right away.


17 Who to Reach Out to For Help


U6-U12 - Jeremy Mannella

U14-U18 - Stephanie Laurin

Masters – Guy Zito


We know this a lot of information, we are trying to tie up any loose ends before the season starts.


We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and cant wait to see everyone on the snow.