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Team ASC Updates

By Team ASC, 01/02/20, 3:30PM EST


Thank You


The club first race was a great success!  We wanted to thank everyone for all of their help.  We were so impressed to see such a great turnout, and to see so many people making sure everyone had a great time.  Thank you.  We have heard that we need to publish a schedule for what happens on race day, so we have created a feedback page where you can anonymously leave feedback.  (More on that below)


Optional Training Day at Mount Dufour in Elliott Lake


Sunday is an optional training day for all athletes, including Lite and Masters members.   Full members will have their tickets provided for them, and Lite and Masters members will have a group rate.  Please let them know you are part of the team for the reduced rate.  As tickets are provided for full members, it is important that you RSVP Yes if you are going.  Only members who RSVP Yes will have their tickets provided for them.  The deadline to RSVP is Friday January 3rd.  The hill is open from 9-4, so plan to be on snow around 8:45.


Tuesday Night Practices

Tuesday Night Practices start on Tuesday the 7th, 4:45 on snow, 5:00 on the lift.   This will be our first official practice with the entire club, and no public.   We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity we have been given. 


Garbage in Chalet


The city has asked that we make a better effort picking up after ourselves in the Chalet.   They have found that we are leaving a large amount of waste on the table, and floors after practice, so please address this with your children.


Feedback Form


We have created a form so you can offer us anonymous feedback on how we are doing.  The intention is to use this data to help improve the club, so please be as clear as possible with your feedback.  Please note there is no login required, and none of the questions are mandatory.  The form can be found here -




The club has grown dramatically, and because of that, there are many new members, and too many people to track manually.  Everyone receives the same message, so please do not take offence to calls for volunteer or RSVP if you have already done so.  We know that signing up to volunteer is a bit of a pain in the butt, however it is impossible to plan without knowing who is going to be doing what.


Tags for Season Passes


The club has purchased tags so you can wear your passes on your jackets.  The city has informed us they will be more vigilant in checking for our passes, so please pick your tag up at practice, and wear your pass in a visible location.


Last Call for Team ASC Swag / Hoodies


Our Hoodie Orders are going out on Monday.  Sunday is the last day to order.   If you want to get your shirt, this is the last call for one.  You can order them online here –




We highly recommend all families add an additional guardian, mobile phone number, and enable text messaging in the SportsEngine system.  You can visit and scroll down to the part that says “ESSENTIAL PARENT HOW-TO'S” to learn how to do it.




We have been having some issues with the RSVP system, and we do apologize for this.   RSVP’s are only required for optional training, races, camps etc.  Your coordinators will reach out to you for the events that you are required to RSVP for such as the Elliot Lake Training Day.  It is important that you only RSVP yes to events that you are attending.  In general the club has to pay out money for events that are RSVP’s to such as training in Elliot Lake, or Official (Non Club) races.   If you RSVP yes, and do not show up you will be required to repay the charges that the club is out of pocket for.


Happy New Year


We hope everyone has a great new year, and we look forward to seeing everyone on snow!


Team ASC