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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register?

You must register online, here is a link to the registrations that are currently open.

Why are Adanac lift fees now included in Club Fees?

This was a tough decision, however the board chose to include race fees so we could

1) Rent the hill privately for the exclusive use of our team
2) So we could make an arrangement with the city so we did not have to wait in line to get lift tickets (Sorry everyone will still need to wait in the lift line)
3) So we could manage expenses with regards to coaching lift tickets

Why are Race Fees Included in Registration Fees

Another tough one here, and the principle reason is participation.  We are a racing club, and not a learn to ski club. 

Several years ago the ASC Board chose to include race fees, and attendance at races skyrocketed.

If you have skied with the club in the past, you know that the races are the best part of the club. 

If you are worried that you may miss out on a race or two, don't worry.  Although we are including the 'Cost' of the race fees in the registration fees, we are not actually including the full cost.  We have left a margin of error for some people not being able to make the races, and for fundraising to cover the balance.   If you attend 2 races in the year, this system works out in your favour.

We hope to see all the kids at the races, and as the year progresses you will see we are all a big family, and even if mom or dad can't make the race, there is probably an existing or new fried that can carpool

What is going on with the race shack?

Our existing shack is being demolished for safety concerns.

The City has been very receptive providing us with a temporary space, and will work with us to build in the future.

Please note, no registration money has been spent on the development of the new ASC home.

Is there a document that shows the dates for the year?

Our Calendar is located here, and it has all of the data we currently have.  We are dealing with a large number of organizations, (AOA, NOD, Other Clubs) and Mother Nature, so things will change over the year.

This is our tentative working schedule, and it will not be updated, so if you use this, it will be wrong at some point in time.

What Gear Should I Buy?

Gear is very specific to the athlete, and usually requires a professional opinion.   We have partnered with Adventure 365 as we have found their knowledge, and service to be excellent.  If you are in doubt please discuss specific equipment choices with your coach.

We have also included the AOA's equipment Guidelines Below.

Have a Question?

Email us here, and we will get back to you as soon as we possible.